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An album of songs written, arranged and performed by one guy. Is that a good thing? Who knows....


released April 19, 2011

Jim Armenti



all rights reserved


Jim Armenti SOLO(alone) Westhampton, Massachusetts

Jim Armenti has been a well known contributer to the Western New England music scene for over 3o years. As half of the songwriting, guitar slinging Lonesome Brothers and many other projects including the 2007 Westhampton Town Center Library CD. Now with 3 solo CDs he is a featured performer in listening rooms of the northeast. ... more

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Track Name: Ever Since St. Louis
Ever since St. Louis, nothing is the same. All the roads and buildings, seem to have new names. Clouds that whisper, trees that fall, grass and dirt, short and tall. Everything has changed.
Track Name: Lost My Wallet
I could've lost my dog, but that is not my fate. I might've lost my mind, but I wasn't thinking straight. Now, I lost my girlfriend's number and I'm missing, not just late.
Track Name: Under The Laurel
Silver wire, rolled like a ribbon, cuts like a razor, top of the wall. Hampshire Prison, sun on the stones, snow in the yard, standing alone.
Track Name: Sunday Stew
You're taking down the kettle, gonna put it on the heat. Rummaging through the freezer for a half a pound of meat. A quarter cup of oil and a table spoon of flour, a few small sips of sherry, for the dinner hour. Oh Mama, what am I gonna do? I don't know how I'll ever learn to cook your Sunday stew.
Track Name: Johnny Rock
he played one more song for the waitress, and he played one more for the walls. and then he played the last one, just for the hell of it, and that's how he took his great fall.
Track Name: Woodpile
Woodpile, woodpile, got move the woodpile.
Track Name: Hell To Pay
Send my clothes to the goodwill, hang 'em on a rack, then haul my car to the edge of town, cause I ain't comin back, comin back.
Track Name: Johnny 18
From the runway, I am watching you fly away, as far as you can go. Don't you disappear in the cool night air. Come home again Johnny 18.
Track Name: 16 Roses
16 roses on my table, sent from far away, came for me today. and the note read, just a little longer, and I'll be there with you, yes, wishes do come true.
Track Name: Looking For Thomas
Some luck travel easy, and some luck travels hard. Some luck comes easy yeah, and some luck comes real hard. some folks go a thousand miles, and some don't go so far.
Track Name: Strange Wind
When the barn fell down you know it didn't kill the chickens cause there wasn't any chickens around...