The Poetry of Longing

by Jim Armenti SOLO(alone)

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Eleven original songs played on acoustic guitar and sung into three microphones until they came out close to right. No edits. Don't bother if you only love quantized, pitch corrected, punched in recordings.


released April 19, 2016

Jim Armenti



all rights reserved


Jim Armenti SOLO(alone) Westhampton, Massachusetts

Jim Armenti has been a well known contributer to the Western New England music scene for over 3o years. As half of the songwriting, guitar slinging Lonesome Brothers and many other projects including the 2007 Westhampton Town Center Library CD. Now with 3 solo CDs he is a featured performer in listening rooms of the northeast. ... more

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Track Name: What Good Is A Song
What use is a word, that don't mean what it says? Like a story book sunset it's better off read. How far is a memory, how long is a blues? Which way is a road in the wrong pair of shoes?
Track Name: I Know Water
I know water, I've been caught in the rain, and that's a lot like sunshine, yeah they're about the same. It's a lot like leaving and coming back again. I know water.
Track Name: Skipping Stone
Skipping stone how it flies on the water. Wandering child how she laughs in the sunshine. Beating heart, whittling blade in the black bark. Lover's laugh don't it sing like a fountain.
Track Name: The Same Words
I heard it on the radio
Track Name: Dirt Road Travelers
We gathered all our things. Beginning with the big stuff, cause the big stuff is so easy to find. Then we loaded up a flat bed truck, joked a little and acted tough, and then we looked at all the stuff we left behind.
Track Name: Jack of Diamonds
Ace come on with red lights flashing, king and queen in kind. Big X sparkling in my hand, but not the jack of diamonds, no, I did not draw the sad eyed prince, a card I could not find.
Track Name: Gone to The Lowlands
They say, she's gone to the lowlands. Lost again in the barrows. Somewhere she is wandering all alone, can't remember home.
Track Name: Like A Train
It's like a train. It's a real fast train on a foggy track, on a great long journey and it don't look back.
Track Name: Sun On the Muddy
There ain't no stars in the sky at the muddy, sun's so big now it scared 'em all away. Here I'll stay past the blue gone ruddy, I'll make me a wish on the very first ray.
Track Name: Little Wonder
At the dawn, I am marching. Through the dark I am wandering on and on. Tell me where is shelter. Tell me where is solid ground. Come around little wonder. It's all right when I hold to you.
Track Name: The Poetry of Longing
The poetry of longing is a deeply clanging bell, they say you never miss your water til there's no water in you well; and the moon is just as lonesome while it's rising to the black, as when it's sinking down, you think it's never coming back.